Although the partners/managers are the ones who know the company’s activities and information best, the sale of the company to third parties, who will be the best buyer for the company, and what the best price should be is a separate matter of expertise.

PROFIT partners and managers provide the best service in this field with their long years of experience and knowledge. By devoting an important resource and time for sales success to the analysis of the company’s activities, it prepares presentations that will create investment attractiveness for investors and presents them to the information of its widespread network. It carries out transactions on behalf of the company with maximum sales options.

  • Sale of the entire company, its subsidiaries or a unit of the business to strategic, financial and private equity firms
  • Sale of publicly traded/untraded shares
  • Sales of company shares in which portfolio management, financial funds and private equity firms invest
  • Supporting the company management during the sale



M&A transactions are important transactions that increase firm value, M&A transactions add more value than the company expects when strategically planned and executed correctly. The design of the M&A process will serve our client’s strategic vision and goals with the contributions of the process management PROFIT team.

  • Target company identification and acquisition
  • Acquisition of a subsidiary or a unit of a company
  • Acquisition of a majority stake in the target company
  • Purchase of shares owned by private equity or other investors

Debt financing provided by banks in the past has diversified with the introduction of different instruments. Debt funds, exchangeable debt, mazzanine finance, loans from international organizations.

  • Debt financing for growth
  • MBO Financing
  • Project Finance
  • Capital financing



PROFIT partners/managers have been involved in the process management of many projects in the field of financial structuring.

Experienced staff in financial structuring and new financing provides professional service with the most appropriate suggestion and the fastest result.

  • Restructuring support (valuation, debt repayment analysis, etc.)
  • Negotiation with creditor institutions and persons
  • Partially or fully liquidate business assets
  • Debt/share exchange transactions