Profit Consulting, with its expert and experienced staff in its field, supports the public offering processes of non-public companies with an end-to-end holistic approach. The process of going public is a complex and challenging process, and it means going from company culture to the stage of being ready for significant changes in the organization and legal framework.

From the determination of the public offering strategy to the public offering stage, the company is supported with result-oriented solutions, and the company partners/managers focus on the main activity process.



    • IPO process

    • Preparation before IPO

    1. Gap analysis; Analyzing the organizational, financial and legal aspects of the publicly traded company criteria, identifying the company’s shortcomings in terms of the said criteria and reporting what needs to be done,
    2. IPO planning, strategy determination
    3. Creation of the financial model,
    4. Submitting the information report to the company,
    • Process management

    1. Arrangement of legal report
    2. Supporting the independent audit company in the analysis and independent audit process,
    3. Intermediary institution analysis and support to the company in the selection of the intermediary institution,
    4. Preparing the valuation report and providing support to the company at the time of negotiation
    5. Coordinating the prospectus process with the company and the parties
    6. Providing support in the SPK and IMKB,
    • Post-IPO

    1. Training of the investor relations unit,
    2. Providing legislative consultancy service to the company
    3. Periodically presenting the analysis report of the post-public offering developments to the company,
    4. Organizing road shows